DAPlay - History

DAPlay is an adaptation of MAPlay. You can easily personalize it using your favorite programming language.


9-March-2001 DAPlay V3.02 - Improvements
Improved precision for selecting a speed.
Two new events in the TDAPlayComponent: OnPlayerReady and OnPlaybackNewFile.
Simplified some areas in the Delphi source code for DAPlay.

2-March-2001 V3.01 - Major Update
Few changes within the low level code for decoding. Major improvements in the interface to other software. Both the .DLL and the .VCL versions have been redesigned and are now much easier to use.
It is now very straight forward to use the component TDAPlayComponent. Nice sample applications "Minimal", "Test" and "DAPlay" are included in the source code for Delphi.
New Features: Can now change the playback speed. Can have several components on one form, each one responsible for playback on a different channel.
Bug Fixes: Some MPEG encoded files did not play, if the header bytes contained a 0 character at position 3 in the header. Several critical areas in the code (pertaining to multithreading) have been cleaned up. Added several mutexes and events for security. Deleted a lot of code, which is not needed any more, due to the redesign in the interface area.

15-June-2000 V2.03 - Bug Fix: Exeption sometimes when freeing DLL; New Features: Added several buttons like back, forward, previous item, clear all items, added reopen menu (most recently used files -MRU), Source code improvement: Added a minimal application for an easy start when writing your own application

16-May-2000 Introduced the PSCopy application to this site in addition to DAPlay.

21-Feb-2000 V2.02 - Some changes to the refresh handling. Added an entry in the status line, indicating a "count-down" to the next "Start Time". Included "Drag and Drop" handling. Improved the handling of the "/StartTime" and the "/Next" options. Now compiles under Delpi 5.0.
Added a "To Do" list and this history page to the website.

31-Jan-2000 V2.01 - Minor changes in the source code only for C++ Builder (no change in .exe - no version change)

18-Jan-2000 V2.01 - Some minor fixes to icons and error messages.