Secure iXplorer - History

Secure iXplorer - An SSH alternative to FTP clients - A Windows Front End for the secure shell copy PSCP


12-September-2004 iXplorer V0.20 - Improvements
Integrating the latest putty utilities (Version 0.55).

17-May-2003 iXplorer V0.19 - Improvements
Integrating the latest putty utilities (Version 0.53b). Introduced a one-click installer. Also some minor cosmetical chances to the user inteface.

9-March-2002 iXplorer V0.18 - Bug Fixes and Improvements
Bug Fixes: Sorting by date now works correctly. Delete, move and rename of files sometimes had a problem, which is now fixed. Copying of more than 8-10 files on Windows NT/win2k sometimes locked the computers -this is now working fine. Also some other minor bug fixes.
Improvements: It is now possible to select an option to show/hide 'dot' (.) files on the hosts. Directories are now listed before the files in the list view. The 'About box' now has active links to the websites (double click to open).

26-June-2001 iXplorer V0.17 - Bug Fixes and Improvements
Bug Fixes: Symbolic Links on Sun Hosts can now be displayed, due to the new option "Dereference Symbolic Links". Some other problems with symbolic links are also fixed. Now avoiding user confirmation prompts, while deleting files by using the -f option of the "rm" command. Leaving the "Username" and/or "Host" fields blank (empty) in the Remot Host Properties Dialog Box caused some problems before. This is now fixed.
Improvements: In case no connections are set up, then Secure iXplorer will now automatically create one default entry called "AnyHost". This can be used to connect to any host, because the user is prompted for both the host and the username.

7-June-2001 iXplorer V0.16 - Bug Fix and Improvements
Bug Fix: Logging in with RSA keys (no password) did not work correctly before. This is now functioning both with "Putty Saved Sessions" and "Pageant".
Improvements: It is now possible to change permissions on the files in the File View Pane. A default directory can now be set both for the local and remote computer. Some intelligence is added to recognising the prompt at the remote host automatically. A bug with Norton Anti Virus while running Secure iXplorer on Windows 9x/ME is recognised as such and spelled out in the error message.

28-May-2001 iXplorer V0.15 - Bug Fix + Improvements
Bug Fix: Some long filenames did not copy in Windows 9x/ME. Sometimes an additional CR was sent to the host while logging in -resulting in an "Access denied - Authentication refused" response. These bugs are now solved.
Improvements: It is now possible to delete/rename items and add folders on the remote hosts both in the tree view and in the file list view. Changing permissions is still outstanding.

3-May-2001 iXplorer V0.14 - Bug Fixes + Improvements
Bug Fixes: (Another Windows 9x bug) The problem when connecting to two different host is now solved. It only worked under Windows NT/2000 before.
Improvements: It is now possible to delete/rename and add folders in the tree view on the remote hosts. Changing permissions is still outstanding. The ability to perform these actions in the file list view is also not yet implemented.

28-April-2001 iXplorer V0.13 - Bug Fixes + Improvements
Bug Fixes: (In Windows 95/98) Problem when connecting to a new remote host the very first time is now fixed. Previously the "Confirmation Dialog Box" appeared only in Windows NT/2000.
Improvements: It is now possible to have a prompt for username and host location before logging in. Option added for keeping the configuration data .INI file in a different directory.

25-April-2001 iXplorer V0.12 - Bug Fixes + Improvements
Bug Fixes: (In Windows 95/98) error message "Console creation error - Console process could not start" is now fixed. The initial directory on remote host was not set properly in version 0.11, this is now working again.
Improvements: Symbolic links on the remote host can now be used. Some tidying up in the GUI, like disabling/enabling some buttons depending on the state. The configuration data is now kept in an .INI file and no longer kept in the windows registry. This makes it easily possible for system administrators to create their own Secure iXplore distribution inclusive a "pre configured" .INI file for simple connection to the "home" host.

4-April-2001 iXplorer V0.11 - Major improvements
Much faster response. Log windows available. All error messages in clear text. Improved interface. Now using plink for all interactive communication instead of pscp as a preparation for enabling move/delete/change permissions on the host - not implemented yet though.

2-Feb-2001 iXplorer V0.10 - Bug Fixes & Improvements:
Now the test connection always displays the console window. Otherwise the user prompt whether to accept the first connection might be hidden.
Bug fix: Now prompting for a password the second try, if wrong password was entered the first time.
Now allows parenthesis as characters when copying.
It is now possible to use empty passwords. It should now make it possible to rely on pscp to send RSA public keys instead of passwords.
Splitter added in the middle of the window. It is now possible to resize all the upper panels.

17-Jan-2001 iXplorer V0.9 - Bug Fixes & Improvements:
More improvements to copying of files with space characters in their filename. In some cases it did not work before.
Bug with new/deleted directories (by another application) on the host is now fixed.
Bug "file is not an integer value" when displaying files on the host computer is now handled without causing any exception.
Left/right arrow buttons are added in order to simplify user interaction.
Using the latest pscp is verified to work OK. This means that it is now possible to connect to SSH2 servers.

03-Nov-2000 iXplorer V0.8 - Bug Fixes & Improvement:
Enabling copying of files with space characters in their filename. Previously this was only possible in a limited way.
The F5 button is now implemented as a refresh of the views. This is helpful when a new directory is created, or when the display did not work well. Now, simply pressing F5 will refresh the display.
Bug when double clicking in the white space of the remote list view: "Access violation at address 00488cc8 in module 'ixplorer.exe'. Read of address 00000024." is now resolved.
Downloading to the root of a drive letter (on the local computer) is now possible. It caused a time out before.

24-Oct-2000 iXplorer V0.7 - Bug Fix:
Solving a problem when uploading a whole directoryen uploading a whole directory (and subdirectories). Downloading a directory worked, uploading did not. Now they should both be OK.
New example for how to to connect to the host root directory is added in the Properties Dialog Box.

10-Oct-2000 iXplorer V0.6 - Bug Fixes:
Fixing the too early timeout, when copying and also a wrong display when copying files during longer than 1 minute.

4-Oct-2000 iXplorer V0.5 - Updates:
Properties Dialog Box:
The File Position parameter is not needed anymore. An optional default startup directory can be specified for the local computer. There are now some examples for valid entries for how to specify a connection to a remote host.

User Interface:
Copy and Paste is now enabled from the menu as well. Filenames are handled correctly even with 'hidden' file extensions. File size, date, permissions, group and owner details are added to the remote list. It is possible to click on the headers and sort according to the different columns. Files which could not copy well will now produce a 'Time Out'. By right clicking on the lower 'Copying queue list' it is possible to remove all items -except the current item.

21-Sep-2000 iXplorer V0.4 - Bug fixes: Test button for the Properties Dialog Box. Improved error handling for space characters in the filenames. Copy and Paste is now implemented. Minimize and Maximize buttons added.

15-Sep-2000 iXplorer V0.3 -beta - The first version available on this Website. Much improved Windows Front End for the secure shell copy PSCP. This software has a very pretty explorer like interface and can be used as a replacement for FTP clients.