DAPlay Download Page

Minimal install
Please click here to download a minimal install.

NOTE: You will need to already have the following files from Borland and Microsoft in your Windows systems directory (Windows\System folder or system32 in Windows NT/Windows 2000) in order to use the minimal install:
Vcl50.bpl - you might find it here or here
All of the three above should be available as a zip file (mfc****.zip) at this location.

A tip: If you were not able to download these required files from any of the above locations, then you can search the Internet for keywords mfc.zip resp. vcl50.bpl + download.

Full install
Please click here to download a full install.

Instructions for installing
Unzip to a temporary folder (using for instance WinZip) after you have downloaded the file, then run the setup program from this folder and follow the instructions.
If you want, and the installation was verified to be successful, then you can delete all the unzipped files from the temporary folder.

DAPlay source code
If you are a programmer and want to do adaptions to the software, then you can find the source code here